Counselling & Therapy - Marian Leicester

To help you deal with things inside and outside yourself that get in the way of you being who you can be

Counselling and therapy can help you to:

  • understand - yourself and others
  • awareness - of how you feel, why you do what you do, what is important to you
  • explore - your options and your goals
  • acceptance - of whatever perhaps cannot be changed
  • plan - where you can and want to go in your life
  • change - what you do for you and your relationships
  • grow - in confidence and creativity

About counselling & therapy...

  • counselling sessions last an hour
  • you generally come once a week or once a fortnight
  • appointments must be made in advance - usually notice of at least a week or two
  • the number of sessions can vary widely from person to person

As your counsellor / therapist, I will...

  • listen to you carefully
  • promote a safe environment for you
  • respect you and look to highlight what you already do well
  • support you to bring about the changes you want for yourself
  • work with you holistically
  • respect your confidentiality, and maintain your privacy (unless I have good reason to believe you or someone else is seriously at risk)
  • refer you elsewhere if required
  • maintain my efficiency through regular clinical supervision and on-going training
  • continue my membership of the professional associations to whom I am accountable. (These are the NZ Association of Counsellors and the A/NZ Association of Social Workers.)

As my client, I will expect you to...

  • pay the agreed fee for the service
  • keep your appointments on time, or to give me adequate notice of change
  • tell me what you like and don’t like about the counselling and how I work with you

About payment...

  • please pay me at the end of your session or arrange to make an online banking transfer [Note: I have no Eftpos or credit card facilities]
  • fees will be discussed at the beginning of counselling. There is a sliding scale for fees, based on an hourly rate and related to the household income
  • it is sometimes possible depending on your circumstances to have counselling paid or part-paid by one of several funding agencies
  • in the case of a late cancellation (of less than 48 hours), you will be expected to pay
  • you pay pro rata for phone calls of significant length [more than 10 minutes]

Counselling and therapy for:

  • individuals: adults, adolescents, children
  • couples: to make the relationship work, or to help separate with dignity
  • families of all ages, for all issues
  • sexual abuse counselling: for women, men, children
  • groups: women’s groups, self-awareness groups, communication skills, etc.

Supervision and training:

  • clinical supervision: for professionals - counsellors (experienced and trainees), group facilitators, social workers, community workers, doctors, ministers
  • training: for community groups over a range of topics
Marian Leicester